CONEXO 1.6 is available now.

The new CONEXO version 1.6 is available now. Among other things, the following new functions are available:
- Request of data by mail for unknown components
- Copying of maintenance templates, also from the overview
- Extended sort function for installation locations
- The app is now also available in a Chinese version



Current approvals of the CONEXO pen

The CONEXO pen currently has the following radio frequency permits: CE, FCC, IC, MIC certification, ACMA SDoC, ANATEL certification and WPC Equipment Type Approval (ETA).
A radio frequency permit for China is in preparation



CONEXO 1.4 available now

The new CONEXO version 1.4 is available now and has been upgraded with additions including an improved search function and a new overview display in the maintenance lists. Danish, Spanish and Italian have also been added to the system languages.



At high speed into the future – GEMÜ founds new start-up inevvo solutions

On 1st October, the Ingelfingen-based valve expert GEMÜ celebrated the foundation of its new subsidiary inevvo solutions. more


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