With inevvo's CONEXO system, you can easily implement the specifications of DIN SPEC 91406 for electronic nameplates. This has many advantages for you, such as clear identification of all your components and quick access to all stored documents, certificates and operating instructions.

We help you to quickly implement DIN Spec 91406 for your products.
From the QR code or NFC tag to the view of your product data in CONEXO WebView to the provision and maintenance of the cloud, we offer you everything you need to implement DIN Spec 91406.
With our starter package we offer you everything you need for your first 100 products.


This is how easy it is for manufacturers to implement DIN Spec 91406

Find out how easily your products can also meet DIN Spec 91406 with our system:

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With CONEXO WebView all documentation and certificates always at hand.


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"Easy to implement DIN Spec 91406 for manufacturers".


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Our article

"Easy to implement DIN Spec 91406 for manufacturers".

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DIN Spec 91406 starter package


Starter package QR code

  • Includes 100 QR codes (printed with your logo on request)
  • Includes access to upload your product data to the CONEXO Cloud


Starter package NFC tags

  • Includes 100 NFC tags (printed with your logo on request)
  • Includes access to upload your product data to the CONEXO Cloud


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